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Welcome!         to      BMWMCHR
Tucked away here we have general information about the club, what its members are like, who the officers are, how to join the club, where we meet and for the literate, club newsletters. . The club is involved in riding and enjoying motorcycling with a bias toward BMW motorcycles although we exclude none who (1) have a motorcycle license (2) want to ride and have fun (3) do not mind riding around with a group of folks that often look like Power Rangers in Hi Vis clothing.

A lot of your predecessors have had questions about the club and what we do, and so we put those questions together with answers (sometimes a random linkage admittedly) in our Frequently Asked Questions page which at least should amuse if not enlighten.  With all of this, you might even wonder if there are any other reasons to join BMWMCHR and indeed we have even more Benefits of membership listed for you. And of course we do provide a place for you to join our Happy go Lucky bunch.

Our Links page will transport you to motorcycle & travel web sites at the speed of light depending on your cable provider.
Again, welcome to our web site. Take the time to take a tour -- then saddle up and come join us for a Sunday breakfast, or give one of our officers a call. 

Where will Your Road Lead in 2015?

Well, one option is to our 2014 Rally, 26-28 September

When Do We Meet in 2015?

Our Monthly Meeting is the First Sunday(except as noted) of the Month at 9:00 am meeting - 8:00 am breakfast at the Golden Corral.  

 Come early to eat really good food and lots of it.  Ride or drive, but please come.

4  January 1 February 1  March 5  April
3  May 7  June 12 July 2 August

Sept 13

4 Oct 1 November  6 December

Bike Videos




K 1600 GT

Fun Things We Do

We Ride Monthly

We Ride to Special Events

We have a Beemers and Bi-Planes Rally in Sept

Join us at our facebook page BMWMCHR Group for the latest stuff happening with the club.


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